Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV

Straightforward, little, free application to help your speaker
 or earphone sound volume.
 Valuable for motion pictures, book recordings and music. 

Use at your own hazard. Playing sound at high volumes,
 particularly for a drawn out measure of time,
 can pulverize speakers or potentially harm hearing.
 A few clients HAVE revealed crushed speakers 
and headphones. On the off chance that you hear mutilated sound, 
bring down the volume (yet it might be past the point of no return). 

By introducing this application you concur that you won't 
consider its engineer in charge of any harm to equipment or hearing,
 and you are utilizing it at your very own hazard. View this as test programming. 
Not all gadgets bolster this product. Attempt it at your 
own hazard and check whether yours works. 

This application does not take a shot at most 4.2.1-4.3 gadgets.
 It should chip away at 4.4 and higher, just as on gadgets beneath 4.2.1. 

This isn't for modifying the speakerphone volume in telephone calls 
(that has its own lift, I think), yet to alter the volume 
of music, motion pictures and applications. 
When you set the lift to zero, Volume Booster will be off.
 The warning symbol is only for simplicity of propelling.
 In the event that you don't care for seeing the notice symbol 
when Volume Booster is off, simply go to Volume
 Booster's Settings and set it to seem just when Volume Booster is running.