Charging Theft Alarm Apk 2019

Charging Theft Alarm

Apprehensive that telephone may get stolen

while charging at a free attachment point?

Never again! 

Essentially enact Charger Theft while associating telephone to charger. Any cheat taking the telephone will be stunned by a blasting boisterous caution when he unplugs the telephone. 
While separating telephone from charger, essentially enter a pre-characterized pass-code to deactivate the alert. 

Goes about as an amazing Anti-Theft application. 


- Loud caution (alarm) when telephone unplugged. 

- Pass-code required to deactivate caution 
- Volume naturally taken to most extreme when alert goes off. 

- Volume catches impaired - sound can't be brought down till pass-code entered. 

- Other catches impaired to keep simple exit from pass-code section page. 

- Wired headset consequently circumvent to utilize telephone's speakers. 

- Notification catch permits simple access on the off chance that alert inadvertently activated amidst a telephone call. 

1. Because of limitations of the Android OS, volume catches will work once screen is bolted. 

2. The programmed informing highlight has been evacuated after criticism. Conciliatory sentiments in the event that you truly loved it. On the off chance that you need the element - give me an email and I will send you the more seasoned APK.