How Can Creat Pasport Size Photo With Blue White Backgroung

How Can Creat Pasport Size Photo With Blue White Backgroung

You will need two applications for this.

1.First name is Pix Art

2.Second you will get download from the download option below. You have to download from thethere

First of all, you have to open the PixArt, you have to go to Pix Arts and select Background, blue Color

After that, you have to select the photo and click on cut out on it to cut your photo in PNG, just give the photo back to the background, after which you have to paste the photo on the background blue

After presenting, you have to save the photo and after that

you will go to the new application that you do not want to download.

First of all you have to go to the new photo. You have to go through the new photo from the Photo Gallery and after that you have selected the photo on the Pix Art, to select it, after that it is also to start editing, but in the auto-adjust you will go 

You can create such a nice photo passport size from your mobile and after that you can remove the copy. There is an option in it, printed in print and apply that your photo can be removed from the printer.

Photo cleaning which you can do to make the face white with pix art and in this application also you have four to five photo designs which you can select, better or pick up the car on auto by pix art.