How Can Edite Video On Mobile In Filmora

  1. After opening this, you will get two options in front of you First of all, you will get the project from new project and
  2. You have to click on New Project from New Project, after which if you left the project on the way, if your projects are off, then you have to start it by clicking on the pending projects a project and by clicking on the new project click
  3. As soon as you do for the new project, a screen will open in front of you, with which you will have Video photo Facebook instagram effect will come in a lot of options. You can start your project by clicking on any one you can even apply the video where you can
  4. After that you will have four-five on the right side, then after the theme music transliteration, you have to first click on your address. After the edit, you will have an out-of-the-box option.  14,
  5.  First of all, you will have an option. When you open the train time, it means that from where you do not like the video, you can cut off from where you want to finish the video.
  6. Second option will come to you, what does it mean, to what part of the video you want to show, you can do it by doing so

  1.  You will come to the title of the title of the village and click on the subtitle and then you will come to type something on your screen and click on it wisely, on the side bar you will get lots of options that all your titles come in styleVIP VIP man at the phone number If you want to do any video and show on the video in YouTube, then you can put it
  2.  You can record any of your audio recordings in your voice recorder voice recordings on this number, which can be
  3. Six Number Option Audio Audio will be that you can promote your voice more, wherever you can practice you can work in best video, then you can impress your Video.
  4. Filter filter at number 7 can change the color of Yoga from the place of funny video and it can mean the design.
  5. The number 8 is like a filter in the next to the next one. There are free features that you can design your video on.
  6.  9 Number Element Element Has Been Purpose Whether the wife can put star leaves on top of the video, which are too deep from the top
  7. You also have to know the title title on the train number of the person who shows the video, the titles know that you can place the title on it, under the video which is going down, you can put the title
  8. 11number is Speed ​​speed is low You can increase the speed of your video can workAfter that rotation rotation means your video can rotate down on the website websiteFurther adjustment means you can not only increase the brightness of the video but there is more option in what can be done.
  9. Final is Duplicate and Delete two option and duplicate I do not have You can delete it You can double the video without deleting the duplicate besides it You can delete