How can ceak anything data

How can ceak anything data in one click

 It is very up to us to hear that applications will be able to extract data of such data like SU10 or any mobile data, so today I have brought you a date application for which you can extract data of anything that can be included in the country.

As soon as you open you will have two options. First of all, the camera will be the camera, as soon as you open the thing about which you do not know about anybody about a car about anybody,

The second phase option comes, the file will be set to select from the gallery, we want to see some of the photos that we want to get from the website, so the easier way for you to select the photo, then after you
To download it, you have to click on the button of the download of the red color that is the first one to click on, like if you click on it, then the year's button in front of you will take you year after year and you open it