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Free Dating Application 

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How are you guys nowadays for all the people who are having great interest in the article because in today's article I am going to tell you About the application.Good thing is that you can chat with whom you can.
Your friends now tell me how to use this application.
First of all you have to download this app that is Hi Say.

After installing, you can login first and login to Google Account login Facebook, which I will take with you Facebook account.You will get this wonderful login account, that means your account will be created by the company, after which you will have to create your profile, meaning that you can put your picture in it, and you can apply it, you can add it to it,Along with that, you have to type your date of birth, which is your original date of birth.

it asked for permission from you on your location , if you turn your location on, put your tea to the friends who will be your court friends or later they will also make you this friend is with you.

If the answer is less, then the application will be set to complete, then you will first see four options.

  • Find 
  • Chat 
  • Video 
  • Groups
What you get from friend can make it your new friend, you can get new friend And Girlfriend , no friend request from here, you can make friends to anyone.Answer: Two people find friends with everyone, when they send a message or send an emoji, then the chat that you do not talk to me will go into the chat option.

It means that if you want to talk to a friend, if you have sent me a message then that friend has come into your chat box from there, you can do whatever you want to do with hHer.or Her
The third option in this application is that you can see any video of the video here, the job faults or anybody has shared if you want, you can share your video by putting it here too.You can now enjoy some fun by watching videos like this.
The last number of options in this application is that of the groups,You want to ask yourself, you remain their group. You can join us by joining the group and chatting with your friends.It is also good enough to have an awesome option because you can now check in groups with a lot of friends, you can gossip like Facebook does.

Apart from this and you have a friend or someone else who has an account on it, you can also search.You check a very good application office once you try it. If you look good then do not download it and then uninstall it.

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